Results of ICF Italia Scientific Research on Coaching Efficacy

20/05/2022 Dalle 18:30 alle 20:00 • Webinar in lingua straniera

Aim of the webinar is to present the results of a scientific research conducted and completed by the Scientific Committee of ICF Italy over the last three years. Results have been published on a prestigious Italian scientific magazine last February 2022 – Recenti Progressi in Medicina.

  • Luciano Boccucci MCC - He will moderate the webinar, introduce the speakers, and handle the Q&A session (40 min)
  • Francesca Cioffi PCC - She will describe the purpose of the research, applied methodology, and the final results of the study (15 min)
  • Gaetano Ruvolo PCC - He will describe the Scientific Committee 3-years long journey: from the definition of study hypotheses, through the analysis of literature and data and results achieved until the editing and publication of the scientific article, recently published (15 min)
  • Federico Petrozzi PCC - He will describe the two internationally validated questionnaires used to measure the three dimensions of the study: Resilience and Regulatory Modes (Assessment Vs Locomotion) and the impacts coaching may have on them (25 min).

We look forward to seeing you online from 6:30 to 8:00 PM (CEST); 5:30-7:00 PM GMT; 9:30-11:00 AM (PDT); 12:30-1400 AM (EDT).

During the presentation, participants will be allowed to write their questions in the chat and will receive the answers in the last 30 minutes of the webinar.

Contents of the webinar

Using a scientific approach to measure the impact of coaching, this was the assignment of the Scientific Committee of ICF Italy. Sample 176 individuals, split in 2 groups: experimental group, 89 people, Vs control group, 87 people.

Overall purpose of this study is to strengthen people’s confidence in coaching as one of the most effective ways to promote individual growth, increase awareness and help in dealing with an increasingly complex environment.

The research has shown that the members of the experimental group, who followed a 9 hrs individual coaching path (on average 6 sessions of 1.5 hrs each), have significantly enhanced their resilience by 7.5%, while the members of the control group, who just received generic documents on coaching, increased their resilience by only 1,2%.

At the same time, the research has also shown that more members of the experimental group have reached a balance between the two variables, Assessment and Locomotion, compared to the members of the Control Group.

ICF Accreditation type CCE: RD 1,5

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The ICF Italy Scientific Committee is composed by

Current members

  • Francesca Cioffi (PCC) Team Leader
  • Luciano Boccucci (MCC) Member
  • Gaetano Ruvolo (PCC) Member
  • Federico Petrozzi (PCC) Member
Results of ICF Italia Scientific Research on Coaching Efficacy
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